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Gender pay report

Thai cooking, Thai flavours, Thai vibes

A family of foodies dedicated to serving up perfected Thai classics. Since 2013, we’ve been joined by a growing team of kind-hearted, hardworking food-lovers. You’ll find us in unfussy cafes at the heart of neighbourhoods, delivering fresh dishes from our kitchens to the nation’s doors, and mixing the perfect ingredients for people to cook up Thai specials in their own homes.

Together we have Thai roots, deep knowledge and love of Thai food and welcoming Thai generosity everywhere. We’re all connected by a commitment to doing things the Rosa’s Way, every day.

Our goal since the very beginning has always been to welcome individuals from all walks of life to work at Rosa’s and we’re very proud to have team members representing more than 30 countries and cultural backgrounds. We welcome and embrace team members of all gender, and fully support non-binary team members as not everyone identifies as their legal gender status.

We are pleased to share our latest gender pay report. There’s still a long way to go but we’re committed to building a representative workforce and closing the gap.

Download the report: Rosas Thai Gender Pay Gap Report 2024