Jobs at Rosa's Thai

Rosa’s is a Place where Thai food traditions are perfected, brought to you by Kind-hearted Hardworking Food Lovers.

Representing over 40 countries from around the world, we are dedicated to serving up perfected Thai classics. Everyone has a seat at our table.


BACK of house

Know your Som Tum from your Tom Yum, love working in a dynamic kitchen team, and want to help us deliver that perfected Thai flavours then look no further!

Front of house

Join our kind-hearted and hardworking floor teams who are our brand ambassadors, delivering Rosa’s Thai signature warm & welcoming smile


Rosa’s Thai is where you can run a restaurant like it’s your own. If want to make a difference in a fast-paced business with lots growth opportunities amongst a close-knit team then apply below

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Our people are the heart of Rosa’s

Rosa’s Thai is a place where Thai food traditions are perfected, brought to you by kind-hearted, hardworking food lovers. Everyone has a seat at our table. Sure, we’re crazy about Thai food at Rosa’s, but what makes us tick is our people. We have a very close-knit team and we’re always looking for kind-hearted, hardworking food lovers to join us.


Team spirit

Our Team Spirit describes what we’re looking for in team members and helps to guide how we work and grow together. Each value is represented by a spirit animal (as designed by our very own people!) with the actions that are most important for us to remember as we go about our different roles each day.

Kind heartedWelcoming everyone with open arms and a big heart, Rosa’s people are kind to all. We keep our ears wide open and allow everybody’s trumpets to be heard. Every person from every community brings something special to our table, whether its a pearl of wisdom or a cheeky smile, for that we say Khop Khun.

Hard workingTogether our team flies to the highest of heights to make Rosa’s the most loved Thai restaurant in Britain. We respect the journey that others have taken to get here and learn from them. We flock together, swooping in to go beyond what is expected, help each other out and get the job done right.

Food loversWith a deep understanding and love for Thai food, Rosa’s people are able to stand strong and proud. We put our love for Rosa’s food into everything we do and we want the world to hear our roar! From setting tables to support behind the scenes, everyone at Rosa’s understands what it takes to deliver Thai food the Rosa’s way.

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