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Express lunch

Pick a starter, a stir fry or curry & soft drink* for £13.95
(Choose any option from our softs or Thai iced drinks sections) 

* Available Mon-Fri until 5pm, excluding bank holidays. Belu Mineral Water (Large) is not included.



Chicken satay GF N

205 kcal

Sweetcorn patties V

Can Be Spicy Icon

206 kcal

Fresh summer rolls V GF N

Can Be Spicy Icon

135 kcal

Honey-marinated pork skewers

175 kcal


Veg & tofu or chicken

Rosa's red curry V GF

Definitely Spicy Icon

Chicken 423 kcal or Tofu 368 kcal

Panang curry GF

Chicken 372 kcal or Tofu 328 kcal


Stir-fried flat noodles

Chicken 485 kcal or Tofu 435 kcal

Chilli & basil stir-fry

Thai Spicy Icon

Chicken 454kcal or Tofu 375kcal kcal

Rosa's Thai Doily Graphic

Upgrade your drink for 2.00

Glass of house white/ red wine 175ml


Rosa's "Mia Mao" lager <0.5% ABV


Chang beer 5% ABV


Boozy Thai iced tea


Rosa's bubble tea


Rosa's Thai Doily Graphic

Add some nibbles 2.00

Prawn crackers N

Can Be Spicy Icon

Pumpkin crackers V


Rosa's Thai Doily Graphic

Swap your jasmine rice for

Egg fried rice


677 kcal

Sticky rice/ coconut rice

472 kcal

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Please note, our food is prepared in kitchens where allergens are present. Some dishes may contain traces of nuts, wheat, gluten, milk and other allergenic ingredients. We’re unable to list every ingredient on this menu, so please ask our staff for more detailed information about our food and allergens. We’re here to help – please ask for assistance!

Mildly spicy chilli graphic

Can be spicy

Medium spicy chilli graphic

Definitely spicy

Hot chilli graphic

Thai spicy


Contains nuts


Contains dairy




Gluten free

Service charge

An optional service charge will be added to your bill. We share service contributions among everyone that works in the restaurants, and the team really appreciates them – but your participation is, of course, entirely voluntary.

If you feel that the service wasn’t up to our usual standard, or if you’d rather give a different amount than the one we’ve suggested, just ask.