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Celebrate Thai New Year with Rosa’s Songkran Menu

Songkran Festival at Rosa's Thai

Songkran is all about food, family and fun – that’s why we have designed a brand-new Songkran Thai menu filled with new dishes fit for celebrating the festival. These Thai new year specials are traditional dishes that symbolise health, wealth and happiness, perfect for sharing the special occasion with your loved ones.

Let’s start with the duck and mango one salad. Fresh, fragrant, flavour-packed and punchy. Pair this with a classic Thai street food; fried-hard-boiled eggs smothered in sweet, tangy tamarind sauce, or as the Thais know it, son-in-law eggs, Kai Louk Kuey. Last but not least, the winning dish from Rosa’s chef competition, sticky pork belly stir-fry.

Sticky pork stir-fry


The highlight of  this Songkran’s special is the winning dish from our internal chef competition, sticky pork stir-fry. This dish was developed by chef Ton from her mum’s recipe. Deliciously sticky pork belly, stir-fried with dark soy sauce, garlic and rice wine. Served with jasmine rice and cucumber. Thank you Chef Ton for sharing this very special dish with us!

When is Songkran 2024?

People in colourful shirts with water pistols in the Songkran water festival in Thailand

Thai New Year celebrations take place from the 13th to the 15th of April (or until the music stops!) Some shopping districts in Bangkok closed off its streets to hold major water festivals. Kids and adults alike are equipped with water pistols, dressed in vibrant neon colours to attend the event of the year. It is basically our Christmas!

Get ready to immerse yourself in Thailand’s most popular tradition, because this year we’re bringing Songkran festival over to you at our cosy restaurants with our Songkran specials menu to celebrate the Thai New Year food traditions.

Songkran day at Rosa's Thai

Collage of staff in floral shirts celebrating Songkran in Rosa's ThaiYou might have spotted the Buddha station in our restaurants, but in case you haven’t, Songkran day is the perfect time to witness our teams perform the water blessing ceremony.

It is tradition in Thailand on Songkran day to cleanse the Buddha and the older members of the family with scented water for good luck as we step into the Thai new year. You are all welcome to chime in when you dine with us on Songkran day!