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One plate Thai lunch feast

£12 lunch deals at your favourite Rosa’s Thai

Introducing the Thai 12! We’ve revamped our lunch menu to include a mouth-watering selection of one-plate feasts at just £12 each, Mon- Fri from 12pm-5pm.

Our one-plate dishes are inspired by the Bangkok lunchtime meals. Every day around lunch break, you often see loads of office workers across town ordering these meals, they’re are filling and delicious. Eat like a Thai and smash it like a boss!

Choose any of our 12 special Thai lunch plates from Five spice beef noodle soup to Crispy chicken rice, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy!

(Just so you know, other promotional offers like NHS, student discount etc are not valid with this lunch menu.)

Thin noodle soup with beef in a bowl on a wooden table

Perfect for that quick and satisfying lunch break

In Thailand, we love to try a little bit of everything – that’s why our Thai 12 lunch are great value for your adventurous taste buds. For only £12 you can get yourself two skewers of our famous honey-marinated grilled pork with ‘Som Tum’ Papaya Salad and sticky rice on the side, or the spicy wok-fried favourite ‘Pad Kra Prow’ chilli & basil stir fry with a crispy sunny side up and fragrant jasmine rice.

Crispy chicken rice

Inspired by the classic ‘Khao Mun Gai’ street food staple. Served on garlic fried rice with a spicy soybean sauce and fresh veggies.

Red curry & rice

A Rosa’s signature: a little richer and rounder than green curry, made with our own paste. Choose from veggie & tofu or chicken.

Papaya Salad + Pork Skewers + Sticky rice

Sweet, sour and dangerously addictive, with green beans, tomatoes and cashews, served with two skewers of grilled pork and sticky rice.

Five spice noodles soup

A warming broth with tender beef strips, shredded greens
and vermicelli noodles.

Chilli & Basil Stir Fry with Rice & Fried Egg

The spicy wok‑fried favourite, fragrant with Thai basil, onions and green beans. Choose from veggie & tofu or minced chicken.

Pad See Ewe noodles

Thai comfort food: wide rice noodles stir‑fried with eggs, spring greens and sweet soy sauce. Choose from veggie & tofu or chicken.

Stir fried aubergine

A Rosa’s signature. Deep‑fried aubergine slices hit the wok with yellow bean sauce, chilli, soy and basil.

Tom Yum noodle soup

Hearty and warming spicy soup with rice noodles, roasted
chilli, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, aromatic herbs and a dash of coconut milk. Choose from chicken or tofu.