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Road trip episode 3 : Our amazing ingredients

Friday, February 16th, 2024

Fresh ingredients


Saiphin’s local market wasn’t just a place to find the very best ingredients from her neighbours’ farm, it was also a social club! Every morning, she went with her mum to the market to buy what they needed for the day’s cooking, then stay to chat with everyone and eat amazing food. “My local market had the best Panang beef curry. They used to let me run a tab and pay later when I was short on cash which was really handy!” laughed Saiphin Moore, co-founder of Rosa’s Thai.

Grandma's garden

“My grandma’s garden was one of my favourite places to be growing up. Looking back, it was a chef’s paradise! Dill, coriander, Thai holy basil, garlic, lemongrass – you name it! Before going to the market, I would do a ‘stock check’ in the garden. Anything we were missing would go on the shopping list, along with the fresh meat, catch of the day etc. I once sat for hours on the side of the canal trying to catch a fish but after a few hours of no luck, I decided I should go see my favourite fishmongers instead whenever I fancied fish curry!”

Thai flavours

Thai cooking has four primary flavour profiles: salty, spicy, sour, and sweet. Saltiness mainly comes from fish sauce or ‘pla-ra’. Sourness typically comes from tamarind or lime, while we get the sweetness from coconut sugar. Spiciness, a hallmark of Thai cooking, is usually provided by different types of chillies. Every Thai dish incorporates at least two of these flavours, which is what makes Thai food so interesting, so different, and so diverse. What’s your flavour?!

Turmeric fresh from the ground

Sourcing lemongrass

From farm to fork

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