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Road trip episode 4 : Our very own curry paste

Wednesday, March 13th, 2024

Rosa's Thai curry paste



Saiphin’s journey towards the dream of having her own curry paste began when she was at school. “Whenever I went to my friends’ houses, I found myself helping their parents in the kitchen; I was always the one grinding the curry paste!” said Saiphin. Back on home turf in Phitsanulok, locals take incredible pride in their curry pastes, often meticulously pounding each ingredient by hand until achieving the perfect consistency. It’s a process that demands time, a deep appreciation for the art of curry making and strong arms!

Rosa's Thai green curry



“Our green curry recipe was passed down from my auntie, who was a huge inspiration in lots of my cooking. She taught me so much, and I loved cooking with her. Once a month, we would go to the temple, and she always cooked a delicious green curry using homemade curry paste,” said Saiphin Moore.

Lemongrass prep

Making Rosa's curry pastes at the factory

From farm to fork

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