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Road trip episode 5 : Our signature Pad Thai

Friday, March 22nd, 2024

Rosa's Pad Thai



Tamarind is the magic ingredient in this dish.Our Pad Thai sauce is made with tamarinds from Petchabun, our co-founder Saiphin’s hometown. The soil there is tamarind-tastic!. Our local farmers hand-pick the beans from the trees during January and February, then stash them away in airtight bags until they are ready to be used. The fruit of the tamarind tree gives a really distinctive sweet and tart flavour. If you can’t swing by to try our Pad Thai, you can still whip it up at home using our recipe.

Working with fresh tamarind.

A spread of Thai feast.

woman cooking Pad Thai in a big wok

Saiphin cooking up a Pad Thai storm.

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