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Lemongrass, what’s that?

Friday, June 30th, 2017

One of the most important ingredients in Thai cooking, especially when you want to make your own curry pastes. How you cut a lemongrass depends on what dish you’re cooking.

Thai lemongrassHere are my tips on how to tackle this wonderful plant:

First, remove the outer layer – it’s tough and doesn’t taste like much. (Keep the peel, though, as it brews beautifully. Add some ginger for your own homemade ginger-lemongrass tea)

For salads – cut width-wise into rings, only use the bottom third (white to light green) as this is the most fragrant part and can be eaten raw with a nice crunch.

For soups – cut diagonally, use about two-thirds of the plant, leave out the top and bottom bits that are dry and tough. Again, save those bits for tea.

For curry pastes – roughly chop the whole plant into fine pieces, it will get smashed up in pestle and mortar or the food processor anyway.