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Five rules for ordering Thai food like a pro

Monday, April 24th, 2017

Rosas Thai food

1. Forget starters, mains and sides. Thais order big spreads of dishes to share and everything is served at the same time.

2. Mix up the textures and flavours. A balanced meal would put crunchy next to smooth, light next to rich and mild next to spicy.

3. Go for different proteins in different dishes. If you fancy a chicken curry, order your pad thai with prawns and a stir-fry with beef.

4. Don’t leave out vegetables. A papaya salad, some stir-fried broccoli or a veggie noodle dish to share will really lift your meal.

5. Make sure everyone gets a portion of rice to spoon shared soups and curries onto. If you’ve ordered a spicy salad, get some sticky rice too.