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How to cook the perfect jasmine rice

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

How to cook the perfect Jasmine rice

Rice that’s too soggy or too dry…we’ve all been there. Save the disappointment and let us show you how to cook the perfect jasmine rice, every single time!

Should you rinse jasmine rice?

Short answer – up to you! Long answer – see below:

Whether or not to wash your rice is a hotly debated topic, but generally, washing rice helps to remove excess starch from the surface of the grains, making it less sticky once cooked, so if you’re looking for fluffy, loose grains, it may be a good idea. Rinse the uncooked rice 3-4 times until the water runs clear. Add it to your saucepan/pot, and it’s ready to be cooked.

But how much water do you add? Some people recommend a rice water ratio of 1 cup of water per 1 cup of rice. However, my tip doesn’t involve any measuring cups (so it’s particularly useful when out camping)! Place the pan on a flat surface, and put the tip of your pointing finger on top of the rice. Add water until the level reaches your first knuckle – this is how much water you should use. This trick is quite well known in Thailand, as rice is often poured straight from the bag into the pot without any measurement.

Tips: This only applies to jasmine rice. For other types of rice, you may have to adjust the water level. As a general rule, brown rice is thirstier than white rice!

How long to cook jasmine rice

Put the pan on high heat and cover until the water starts to boil. Give it a stir, then leave to simmer on medium-low heat until all water has evaporated. This should take around 14 minutes Once done, stir it again to make sure the rice isn’t stuck to the bottom of the pan. Now it’s nice and fluffy and ready to be served.


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