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How to cook with tofu?

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

All kinds of tofu and soy protein are available in the supermarkets, especially in Asian ones. For the seasoned veggies out there, you might already know these tips, but for those who are looking to incorporate meat-free alternatives, we hope this film will inspire you to cook more Thai food with a twist!

Fried tofu (also referred to as Tofu Puffs) – Since it’s pre-cooked, you can add it to any curry just before serving. The light and fluffy texture is great for soaking up the curry sauce.

Firm fresh tofu – This is brilliant as a satay substitute, any grilled dishes, or stir-fries. The firm texture means it does not fall apart very easily and will withstand high heat.

Silken tofu (also, soft tofu) – The delicate texture and flavour make it a great addition to any soups. Be careful when handling it, as it tends to fall apart quickly.

Five spice firm tofu – Great in stir-fried noodle dishes. It adds a nice bite and a strong flavour, which goes very well with stir-fried dishes.

Minced textured soy protein – Found in the frozen section. It is brilliant as a minced meat substitute, you can barely tell. Perfect in chilli & basil stir-fry.

Texture soy protein chunks (or pieces) – Perfect in Pad Thai!